CPM & ITCPM™ Boot Camp

April 24-April 29, 2017

The Grand Summit Hotel in Summit, NJ.


Become a PMLG Certified Project Manager and join an elite group of over 10,000 leaders who have demonstrated that they have the skills, knowledge, confidence and discipline to successfully lead projects of any size and complexity.

All-Inclusive Pricing for the CPM Boot Camp:

  • Tuition for this unique, experiential-based immersion leadership training and certification program

  • 5 days and 4 nights of Lodging, Meals and Refreshments

  • 12 Decision Support Tools for Use After the Training

  • Free Telephone Support after the Training

Contact us to ask about PMI and Corporate discounts.  If you plan to commute home each evening, ask us for pricing that does not include lodging.   Contact Kristin Vasey at 678 325 1100 or kvasey@pmlg.com

Lead the Way!!


The CPM Boot Camp is the world’s only experiential and performance-based project management and leadership training and certification program. During this exciting five-day program, you will be completely immersed into a challenging project environment where both your project management and leadership skills will rapidly mature. Throughout this exciting and unique program, you will have the opportunity to strengthen and stretch your leadership, communication, facilitation and problem solving skills. The CPM Boot Camp program is so effective in rapidly maturing both the project management and leadership skills of its students, it has become the internal project management and leadership development program of choice for many Fortune 100 corporations. Take the challenge to "Lead the Way" and become a PMLG Certified Project Manager and be recognized as an outstanding leader. Discounts on our all inclusive pricing are available. Ask Kristin Vasey at 678-325-1100 or kvasey@pmlg.com about discounted pricing for PMI members and our clients. We can also provide pricing that does not include lodging if you decide to commute home each evening during the training. Kristin can answer all of your questions as well as help you register.