Leadership Excellence Boot Camp – 24 PDUs


November 29-December 1, 2017

USAA Employees contact Kristin Vasey at 678-325-1100 to discuss your corporate rate for this training.

Make an investment in becoming an outstanding leader. Gain the confidence to successfully lead organizations of any size and complexity. Immediately enhance your leadership skills through this exciting and intense training program from PMLG, the leaders in experiential-based training. During this program, you will be completely immersed into a realistic and challenging simulation where you will learn and apply practical and proven techniques for negotiating, decision-making, influencing, collaboration, conflict management, communicating and motivating. You will learn and apply proven leadership techniques for effectively managing executives, governance committees, clients and sponsors. You will learn how to rapidly grow and lead productive project and program teams and how to use practical and proven techniques for effective and efficient collaboration, problem solving and innovative thinking. During this exciting simulation, you will learn about the importance of understanding emotional intelligence and you will have the opportunity to increase your emotional intelligence quotient. Techniques you will learn and apply include Herzberg and the Johari Window. Learn how to lead team members representing different generations and cultures. Hours of the workshop are from 8:30am to 4:30pm each day. Lunch and refreshments are included in the fee. Contact Kristin Vasey at 678-325-1100 or kvasey@pmlg.com about discounted pricing for PMI members and our clients. This is an advanced leadership certificate program. Pre-requisites for attending the training is the PMP or PMLG's CPM certifications. Contact us if you wish to request an exception.