Over the years I’ve attended a number of project management classes, but Boot Camp is the only one where I
learned techniques I could directly apply to managing projects better.

William Spicer
Manager, PMO / Galileo International

One of my staff attended Boot Camp and was moved from a technical position to Project Manager. Using the
PMLG techniques, she was able to immediately step in and lead a major project with very minimal direction and
assistance. The tools have enabled her to maintain scope, communicate status and deliver her project right on
schedule (which was extremely tight!!!).

Adrian Pugh
PMO Director / AVIS

This class was the best course I’ve ever taken.

Lisa VanRoekel
AVP / Drive Financial

It was a milestone for our organization. The instructors did an outstanding job! Bill, your PMLG staff is

Marilyn Delmont
CIO / City of Chandler

Producing a challenging and supportive environment is a difficult thing to do and PMLG did a great job. Great
learning experience, the best one I’ve had at Wyeth.

Joanne Jackman
Project Manager / Wyeth Pharmaceutical

I can’t tell you how much I learned from each and every one of you, and how many things were put into proper
perspective for me. Knowing the tools is one thing, knowing how to use them is another thing entirely. And to be
able to work and perform with so many difference personalities and tap into all the wisdom in the Boot Camp
was an extraordinary experience!

Ann M. Vargas
PMP Project Leader / MES

I feel that the Boot Camp was the most focused and effective week of training that I have attended… and I am
fairly critical when it comes to training.

Chris N. Howard
/ Cendant Corporation

The trainers were wonderful and knowledgeable. They made the class fun as well as educational. The practical
applications were useful and the exercises really drove home the message. Great experience, wonderful!

Rich Dinunno
Project Manager / Wyeth Pharmaceutical

I want to take the opportunity to say thank you for a class well done. Your idea of combining all aspects into
one class rather than the usual individual sessions may be something people will more associate with. To me, it
just makes perfect sense. Everything was perfectly organized and went smoothly. The mixture of class-room
instructions, exercises and practice was just right. Bringing up your real life experience helped your audience
and showed that you don’t just teach academic book excerpts. The time passed quickly. Before I realized it,
Friday was there. The class was fun but at the same time challenging and demanding. The roll-play certainly
helped to transfer the learned material into the workplace. Please keep up the good work and again, Thank You
very much.

Ralf Born
Project Manager / Hewlett-Packard Company

The instructors are the best trainers I have ever had!

Mark Myers
Project Manager / St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

I just wanted to thank you again for a great training experience! I feel that I’ve come back to the office with a lot
of new tricks, some new friends, and more confidence as a PM.

Kevin Zook
Project Manager / Merck & Co., Inc

I just wanted to say “Thank You” once again. Both you and Drew did a fantastic job of delivering the Boot
Camp to this group. I think your experience and enthusiasm with the material was absolutely outstanding, as is
your ability to work with such a diverse group of individuals. There is so much that I will take from this course,
but most importantly was my growth as a leader. I was forced to deal with individuals that I may have avoided
in the past, and my experience was amazing. A special thanks to Drew for his mentorship and guidance in both
how and when to engage in the situation. Again, thank you both for an amazing week!

Kelli Harris
Project Manager / USAA

The Boot camp teaches a few simple methods of making “PM” come to life. Past experiences have been to
teach the basic of the sciences and then assume that an intelligent person would be able to take the science
and convert them into everyday practices. The Boot Camp teaches people the few simple practices and to give
them a framework to practice those practices in and then to set the expectations such that they will practice
them every day. This is far more powerful.

Sam Matthew
Research and Development / Merck & Co., Inc.

The Boot Camp was without a doubt the best class that I have attended during my 10yr tenure with Nikon. The
way the class was laid out definitely made a difference in how I absorbed the material. I am already putting
what I learned to use because we started a project on Friday and I have developed the Charter and the
requirements. We will present that tomorrow to verify alignment and then start on the WBS. Being able to
impart so much knowledge to others is a gift. I hope you’ll continue to be an inspiration to others as you were to

Clarence Ademu
John, MBA, CPM, PMP / Nikon

The only thing that could make this course more applicable would be to have my co-workers attend also, so we
would be on the “same page.” The course was excellent. This was by far the highest quality, most intense and
beneficial training I have attended. I’m looking forward to more!

Diane Simkins
Business Analyst / Matanuska-Susitna Borough

If PMLG boot camp were a game show, it might be called something like, “So you think you can manage
projects.” It’s one thing to have years of practical experience, to have read all the key leadership books, to be
able to list the (PMI) templates by memory or even to be PMP certified. Internalizing all this information and
realizing it as a means to an end rather than an end in of itself takes it to another level altogether. That’s what
boot camp can help you do. By the end of boot camp you will come out a better Project Manager/Leader and
will have learned a lot about your colleagues (and maybe even yourself).

Eric M. Towler
Project Director / Merck and Co., Inc.

I wanted to express to you all how wonderful a job you guys did. Though I am not one that is easily impressed,
you guys managed to impress me. Kudos!! Ya’ll take care now. Please pass this along to the rest of your

Pedro Pagan
Project Manager / Home Depot

When Oracle acquired Siebel, I moved over and eventually consolidated and centralized three PMO’s into one
Global IT Program and Project Management Office. We have about 50 people running 400+ projects across the
globe. Over the last year I have sent my project managers through the PMLG CPM boot camp as I believe the
training is extremely valuable in enabling PM’s to ramp up quickly. The feedback has been (not surprisingly)

Michael M. McParland
Sr. Director, Global IT PMO / Oracle

We have been e-mailing all morning about what a great experience your class was. We all appreciate all the
knowledge and experience you and Drew brought to the class, it was really spectacular. We have already set
up a Boot Camp Survivor Luncheon for June 20th off site so we can catch up as one big team. Thank you again
for everything.

Paul Neuman
Project Manager / USAA

I just wanted to say, I SURVIVED!! Thanks for the opportunity to attend the Project Management Boot Camp
Training. It was the best training session I’ve attended at USAA… or elsewhere. The instruction followed by
practical application was perfect and the instructors were amazing!

Andrea Cintron
Project Manager / USAA