PMO Implementation & Strategic Execution Excellence

We’ve discovered that when companies attempt to implement PMOs, EPMOs and other portfolio, program, and project management, they often fail. It’s a costly error that makes a significant negative impact on a corporation’s performance and their bottom line.

What goes wrong? Traditional PMO and project management training procedures don’t address the root of a company’s problems—the behavior of its employees and the culture of the organization as a whole.

How do we adjust this so your corporation can thrive? We provide experiential-based training—the only company in the world to do so—and we instill the necessary discipline our graduates need for a consistent approach to project management.

We also provide consultants that are experts in PMO implementation and have been assisting with project, portfolio, and program management for the last 15 years. With their expertise, our clients can achieve benefits within the first month of your PMO implementation.

Our turn key approach to implementing management gives your team the processes, templates, and history to get started from day one. We don’t reinvent the wheel, but we can make yours move more smoothly with years of priceless experience.

Using our resources allows your business to move into a position of strategic execution excellence that will ensure your success for decades to come.

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