Certified Agile Leader Certification Boot Camp (CAL)

Certified Agile Project Manager (CAP) Virtual Leadership Boot Camp

February 22-26, 2021

Separate yourself from the pack.  Become a certified Agile Leader!

This four day experiential-based training and certification program  will provide you with the knowledge, skills, experience and confidence to successfully lead with agility.  During this intense and exciting program, you will have the opportunity to apply the latest Agile tools and techniques to a real-world project. Topics covered during this program include:Understanding and Applying the Agile Methodology·  History of Agile and Key Agile Principles·  Agile vs. Traditional Lifecycles·  Determining Suitability of Agile·  Agile Roles and Responsibilities·  Building a Strong Agile Team·  Developing the Communications Plan·  Techniques for Visual Collaboration·  Scrum Meeting ManagementAgile Planning and Estimating·  Planning and Requirements Techniques·  Product Backlog Features·  Optimizing Value·  Estimating Work·  Team Capacity Planning·  Story Writing·  Task BoardsPerforming Scrum·  The Sprint Planning Meeting·  The Sprint Backlog·  Decomposing the Sprint Backlog·  Conducting Sprints and Guiding the Team ·  Progress Assessments and Issues Management·  Daily Scrum Stand-up Meetings·  Sprint Retrospective Meetings·  Time Prioritization·  Building and Using Velocity and Burn-down·  Product Backlog Management and the Definition of “Done”·  Status Reporting and Client Relationship ManagementProject Closeout