Leadership Excellence Boot Camp

October 7-8

Philadelphia, PA

Make an investment in you leadership skills. Gain the confidence to successfully lead organizations of any size and complexity. Immediately enhance your management and leadership skills through this exciting and powerful training program from PMLG, the leaders in experiential-based training. During this program, you will be completely immersed into a realistic and challenging simulation where you will learn and apply practical and proven techniques for planning, team building, critical thinking, collaboration and innovative decision making, communicating effectively and conflict management.      During this exciting simulation, you will learn about the importance of  emotional intelligence and you will have the opportunity to significantly improve your emotional intelligence score.  Techniques you will learn and apply include Herzberg and the Johari Window.  You will learn how to lead team members representing different generations and cultures. Contact us at 678 325 1100 or info@pmlg.com for more information and/or to register.