Project Launch Workshop

Why not establish a foundation for project success and train your team members at the same time?


Program and Project launch workshops provide a sound planning foundation for project success while providing participants with the skills and confidence to successfully facilitate future planning sessions.

Our experienced consultants will help ensure that an infrastructure of sound, practical and proven governance is implemented, significantly reducing the probability of failure.

Planning Workshop (3 days)– An experienced PMLG program manager and instructors will facilitate the project team to develop a sound plan and schedule.   The session will be conducted as a learning event as well with the emphasis on effective knowledge transfer to the project manager and team members.

  • Introduction of any modifications to the program management infrastructure/governance to be used throughout the life of the project or program
  • Introduction of the Communications Plan
  • Introduction of the High Level Charter
  • Facilitated creation of the detailed program and project  tree-diagram work breakdown structures. This is a critical activity in the planning process and we will spend as much time as necessary to ensure that no deliverables have been overlooked and that the participants are comfortably in applying the WBS approach to planning.
  • Owners will be assigned to work packages and a Responsibility Matrix will be prepared to record ownership by work package.
  • Code of Account numbers are assigned to all  WBS deliverables and all requirements are traced back to deliverables in the WBS
  • Using the WBS, a bottom up estimate of work effort and costs
  • Budget is prepared
  • Work package owners identify the tasks, dependencies and estimates for their work packages
  • Work packages, tasks and dependencies  are entered into the project schedule
  • A risk identification session is conducted, risks identified, scored and plotted on cardinal or ordinal scale
  • Risk responses are identified and risk plan is produced
  • Project schedule is updated

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