Stand Out With CPM Certification Bootcamp

Want to stand out from the competition? Our CPM Certification Bootcamp is the most effective project management and leadership certification program in the country. Since it began in 2001, our CPM Bootcamp has produced over 8,000 elite leaders and has become the internal project management certification and training course for many Fortune 500 companies.

For 5 days we immerse our students in a realistic and challenging project environment where they safely learn our proven tools and techniques for success. Essential skills like problem solving, teambuilding, and conflict management are learned quickly while each student has several opportunities to lead their team and perform key roles.

Unlike other certification programs, our CPM Bootcamp is performance-based and not exam-based. To earn a CPM designation, students are required to successfully demonstrate to their instructors that they have the project management skills and leadership discipline necessary to deliver projects of all sizes and complexity successfully.

Send your project and program managers, team leaders, business analysts, project sponsors, PMO officers and staff, and anyone else responsible for executing strategic vision.

To sign up for an affordable, 5-day CPM Boot Camp, contact us today at or e-mail Kristine Gibel at You may qualify for a discount, so talk to us today to learn more about our CPM Boot Camp program.