Work Breakdown Structure – The Foundation for Project Success

The tree diagram Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) is one of the most valuable project and program management techniques for project and program success. This is a leadership planning process that can be applied from the strategic to the tactical level. For the over 25 years, we have been teaching our clients how to use the WBS approach to planning and they have experienced reductions in planning time from weeks to hours,  significant improvements in estimating (to within 5% of accuracy), significant reductions in rework costs (>35%), ability to proactively identify resource requirements and business and project risks and the ability to assign ownership at a work package level.
The ability to translate strategic initiatives into detailed project and program data during the annual planning process. The WBS Approach to planning is a foundational element in all of our experiential-based training and certification programs. We also conduct 2 and 3 day WBS  onsite workshops. These onsite workshops provide a hands-on jumpstart for successfully utilizing the WBS approach to planning for all projects and programs. During these workshops, students have the opportunity to create detailed WBSs for their own projects. They also learn how to translate their WBS templates into detailed project schedules. These workshops will provide our clients with WBS templates that can be used for future projects. To learn more about how an onsite WBS workshop at your company can provide immediate benefits, contact me directly at