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Strategic Execution Excellence Workshop

Over 95% of corporations fail to achieve their strategic goals. This challenging, experiential-based training program will provide your executives with the knowledge, skills and experience to transform their organizations to a culture of Strategic Execution Excellence. This approach will develop synergy and consistency across strategic, program, and portfolio roles of the organization and will help accelerate transformation to execution excellence.

Topics covered in this exciting workshop include:

  • Overview of strategic planning and execution
  • Overview of the relationships between strategic planning, portfolio management and program management
  • Establishing the organization’s mission and core values
  • The role of the Strategic Execution Office in strategic execution
  • Key elements of a good strategic plan
  • Facilitating strategic planning sessions
  • Conducting SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) analysis
  • Conducting and facilitating situational analysis
  • Conducting strategic risk assessments
  • Developing the strategic breakdown structure (SBS) which translates strategy to programs and projects
  • Establishing effective program and portfolio management governance and prioritization
  • Integrating strategy, programs, metrics and performance
  • Aligning projects and programs to portfolios
  • Identifying and managing program interfaces
  • Advanced techniques for portfolio and program management
  • Plotting projects and programs based on strategic value and complexity


To learn more about this program and how we can tailor it to your organization, contact us at 678 325 1100.


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The information was invaluable. Your pearls of wisdom and years of expertise relayed through the course instruction gave us practical examples of things that we can apply to our everyday PM lives.

Ken Randolph


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