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Project and Program Launch Facilitation

This is an excellent opportunity for you to successfully establish a sound foundation for a new project or program’s success while providing experiential training in project and program management to team members.  PMLG’s Program and Project launch workshops provide a sound planning foundation that helps ensure success while providing all participants with the skills and confidence to successfully facilitate future planning sessions.

Our experienced and talented consultants will help ensure that an infrastructure of sound, practical and proven leadership governance is implemented, significantly reducing the risk of failure.

Launch Workshops (3 days)– An experienced and talented PMLG consultant will facilitate this session with a focus on providing  knowledge transfer to all participants while providing a sound planning foundation for success.

Day 1:

    • Introduction of any modifications to the program management infrastructure/governance to be used throughout the life of the project or program
    • Introduction of the Communications Plan, clearly defining roles and responsibilities, status reporting requirements, issue and scope change management, stakeholder assessment and definition of terms
    • Introduction of the High Level Project Charter and facilitated creation of the detailed Project Charter
    • Identification of project scope through the application of the  tree-diagram work breakdown structure approach to planning.  The WBS will be decomposed down to a work package level (80 to 150 hours of work
    • Participants will take ownership of work packages and a Responsibility Matrix will be prepared to record ownership by work package. Code of Account numbers are assigned to all  WBS deliverables and all requirements are traced back to deliverables in the WBS
    • Using the WBS, a bottom up estimate of work effort and costs is performed
    • Participants will identify the tasks, dependencies and work effort estimates for each work package they own
    • An initial schedule will be prepared based on the workshop results

Day 2:

    • The PMLG consultant will facilitate a formal risk assessment that will include identifying and scoring all risks, plotting and prioritizing risks, assigning owners to risks and  preparing risk responses

Day 3:

    • Risk plans will be integrated into the project schedule
    • The initial schedule is finalized

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This has been a refreshing experience; an opportunity to strengthen relationships and develop ones as well as to strengthen important leadership skills.  Well worth it!

Nancy Brenner

Merck & Co

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