Experiential-based Leadership Training

Traditional classroom-based leadership training fails to develop effective leaders.  We learn most and retain that learning and changed behavior through novel, experiential training.  For over 25 years, we have delivered  unique experiential-based leadership training to our clients, rapidly maturing the skills of their leaders and managers.  Ask us how we can bring these powerful programs to your organization.

Performance-Based Certifications in Project, Program and Portfolio Management

We deliver the world’s only experiential and performance-based training and certifications in project, program and portfolio management. To successfully achieve certification in a PMLG program, candidates must demonstrate that they possess the knowledge, skills, confidence and discipline necessary to be successful in leading projects, programs and portfolios.

Strategic Execution Office Implementations and PMO Re-boots

PMOs, EPMOs and Strategic Execution Office are the most critical functions for any organization.  They enable the  successful execution of strategic vision. We are architects of the PMO concept and have been successfully implementing PMOs and transforming PMO’s for over 30 years.

Successfully Transform to Strategic Execution Excellence!

Fewer than 10% of all corporations successfully achieve their strategic goals.  Transforming to a culture of strategic execution excellence provides a significant competitive advantage to any organization and our turnkey, knowledge-based transformation approach has helped our clients succeed tactically and strategically.   Ask us how our unique and powerful approach can you help your organization achieve strategic success.

Onsite Project, Program and Portfolio Leadership Support

PMLG is staffed with talented project, program, and portfolio managers each with at least 20 years of successful experience. We can provide your organization with planning support, facilitation of kickoff activities and periodic post-implementation reviews and interim health checks.  We can also assign a consultant to lead a key project or program, complement your PMO staff, or to provide on-site coaching support to the PMO, project/program managers or executives.

The International Program Office Summit 2024

The International Program Office Summit returns to beautiful Savannah, Georgia in 2024. This unique think tank and networking learning event brings together project, program and portfolio management executives and leaders from around the world. Learn from other professionals who have experienced the same challenges as you and found success.


Get Certified in Project Leadership!!

The Certified Project Manager (CPM)™ Leadership Boot Camp is the world’s only performance-based project management training and certification program.  Over 5 days and 4 nights, students are totally immersed into a realistic and challenging project environment.  Their project management and leadership skills are rapidly matured and gain the skills, experience, confidence and discipline to to successfully lead projects of all sizes and complexity.


Students Graduated