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Transformation to Agile

Many organizations seek to transform to a more agile approach to software and product development.  Unfortunately,  many of these transformations fail.   Successful transformations require hands-on training at all levels to ensure that there are changes in behavior.   Lecture based training does not change behavior.  Our transformations include experiential-based training for all levels of management and leadership.  Students are placed into a realistic Agile project where they can learn by applying practical and proven tools and techniques.   During this training, they are presented a myriad of common scenarios the they must address.  This dynamic learning process prepares them for the dynamics of projects and programs conducted using Agile techniques.  Executives and stakeholders are provided the skills needed to reinforce practical and proven agile and project management disciplines.   PMLG turnkey transformations provide our clients with effective tools, techniques and knowledge transfer resulting in significant improvements within the first six months and the momentum toward a successful transformation.

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The opportunity to get experiential leadership training that will immediately be applied on the job is invaluable.

Debbie Merrill

Executive Director - Merck & Co

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