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Transforming to a Culture of Strategic Execution Excellence™


Over 95% of corporations fail to achieve their strategic goals. Project, program and portfolio failures are the direct cause of strategic failure. Transformation to a culture of strategic execution excellence should be the primary initiative for all corporations that have not yet achieved consistent strategic success.  A culture of strategic execution excellence is characterized by:

  • Predictability – Successful Achievement of All Strategic Goal
  • Culture of Trust…Accurate and Timely Decision Support Information at All Level
  • Effective Decision Making at All Levels of Leadership Across The Organization
  • Cadre of A and B Leaders Applying Consistent Approach to Planning and Execution Across the Corporation
  • Outstanding Planning and Execution is a Leadership Habit
  • Effective Utilization of Scarce And Valuable Resources ($; People; Capital)
  • No Surprises
  • Few Controls are Needed

For over 25 years, PMLG has been helping corporations successfully transform to strategic execution excellence.   Our turnkey approach of providing knowledge-based process and experiential-based leadership training are the key success factors.  We help our clients rapidly develop a organizational leaders with the skills and confidence to successfully plan and execute the projects and programs that deliver strategic vision.  We implement PMOs and Strategic Execution Offices that empower the leadership team with accurate and timely decision support information while empowering teams and their leaders with the training, tools and techniques they require to be successful.

Out execute your competition.  Contact us to find out more about how we can help your organization rapidly achieve strategic execution excellence.

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Very worthwhile program from many views, hands-on training combined with foundation of document tools was most useful. Excellent instructors! Learning team dynamics and leadership skills was an excellent experience!

Melissa May

Business Analyst/Project Manager / Cingular Wireless

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