Project Managers must not only be outstanding leaders, but they must have influencing and negotiation skills to be successful. They are continually negotiating for resources, time and budget.  Changes to project scope often must be negotiated to help reduce impact to the schedule and to the client.  Requesting proper skills and proper number of resources is probably the number one negotiating act that a project manager must perform.   This course provides the proper skills and techniques that a project manager needs to negotiate with team members, sponsors, steering committees, vendors and clients.

Subjects covered in this intensive two-day course include:

  • Planning for negotiating sessions
  • Negotiation strategies and tactics
  • Strategy development
  • Mediation and arbitration
  • Using the PM tool in negotiation
  • Bargaining
  • Cultural influences in negotiation
  • Preparing “winning” documentation for negotiation success
  • Reducing conflict in negotiation situations


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The experience of last week has been the greatest experience ever for me and will be etched in my mind forever

Sonya Holder

Project Manager - Bermuda Hospital

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