Is your company project oriented? Do your Project Managers have the skill set needed to successfully accomplish multiple projects? In today’s world, projects have become the new work form of business. It is a form that is fluid and driven by the specific needs of the organization, and can generate projects with hundreds of resources and thousands of tasks.

In order to see projects to their successful conclusion, organizations need experienced Project Management professionals to oversee and manage the numerous dependencies and relationships encompassing multiple projects. In many companies, experienced Project Managers are hard to come by. Many of today’s Project Managers don’t have all of the requisite skills or experience required to successfully manage large projects, and have been thrust into the project manager role with little or no training. The sheer number and size of projects leaves them overtaxed, which leads to cost overruns and project cancellations.

PMLG can help your company in these tough situations. We can coach and mentor your Project Managers and team members through successful completion of any project. Our goal is to leverage all of our resources, products and methods to ensure the passing of our expertise and specific skills to your Project Managers and teams. PMLG consultants are subject matter experts on numerous project management methodologies, processes, and systems, and are willing to roll up their sleeves and work one-on-one with your Project Managers and Program Offices to ensure your project’s success. By working side by side with your managers, we will pass on this knowledge to them, as well as your organization, to ensure that proven, reliable Project Management methods are used effectively throughout your company.

Our coaching and mentoring approach is the cornerstone of our management philosophy. The success of these services is due to the fact that we recognize that each project has different needs, and the mentoring and coaching we provide is tailored to meet those specified needs. We accomplish your objectives by becoming an extension of your organization for the duration of a project, and providing the experienced personnel necessary to ensure that time and cost goals are met.

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The experience of last week has been the greatest experience ever for me and will be etched in my mind forever

Sonya Holder

Project Manager - Bermuda Hospital

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