About Project Management Leadership Group, Inc. (PMLG)

Founded in 1998 by Bill Stewart, a pioneer of the project office concept and 30-year project management veteran, PMLG is the world leader in project, program and portfolio management implementations and in the delivery of experiential-based project and program management training and certification.

Our mission is to help our clients rapidly transform their organizations to a culture of strategic execution excellence. We are committed to bringing our wealth of knowledge, tools, techniques and experiences to our clients so that they may rapidly achieve their goal of project, program and portfolio management success. Moving to strategic execution excellence involves a significant shift in culture and over the past 25 years thousands of initiatives to implement PMO’s, EPMO’s and project, program and portfolio management governance have failed because transformation in culture did not occur. Our implementations are successful because we have taken a different approach. Our focus is on changing behavior and providing practical and proven tools and techniques so that the implementations are rapid and sustainable. We are different in the following significant ways:

  • All project, program and portfolio management implementations provide processes and tools. But, only ours provides the kind of training necessary to actually transform the culture so that the processes and tools are used consistently and successfully. To transform a culture, behavior must change. Traditional project management training continues to fail in providing significant behavior change. Experiential-based training is recognized as the most effective means for changing behavior and that is why for the past 12 years, we have provided our clients with the only experiential-based project management training program available anywhere. This intense, five-day program has proven to rapidly mature both the project management and leadership skills of students while providing them with the confidence and discipline to begin immediately applying a consistent approach to project management. We use the same exciting experiential-based training approach to provide executives and managers with the skills and confidence to reinforce the project, program and portfolio management transformation initiative.
  • A common cause of PMO implementations is that they take too long…often years before any measurable benefits are realized. Often this is because of the lack of experience and knowledge within the PMO and a “reinventing the wheel” approach to producing project, program and portfolio processes and tools. We provide rapid success by providing turnkey consultants that each have at least 15 years of successful project, program and portfolio management implementation experience. Several of our consultants are pioneers of the concept with over 20 years of experience. We do not place inexperienced consultants onsite to learn at our client’s expense. Our focus is on leaving behind our knowledge and experience, not on gaining knowledge and experience from our clients. We eliminate “reinventing the wheel” by providing our web-based PPM toolkit, PMeXecute. PMeXecute has a comprehensive set of project, program and portfolio management processes and tools, combined with easy to use guidelines. Our clients are up and running on day one with practical and proven processes, tools, lessons learned, tips and guidelines for establishing and conducting project, program and portfolio management
  • Our consultants are also available to provide just in time support, such as project health checks and coaching, launching projects or programs; leading projects or programs; recovering troubled projects or programs, implementing enterprise program and portfolio management systems or executive coaching.
  • We are the only firm that delivers experiential-based project management immersion training, the most effective training for rapidly maturing the project management and leadership skills of project and program managers. For over 12 years, we have provided the CPM and ITCPM Boot Camp program to provide our clients with an internal certification program that develops outstanding leadership skills and a consistent approach to project management across their organization.

Certifications and Accreditations
PMLG adheres to the highest standards of project management and program management. PMLG’s certifications and accreditations include:

  • Project Management Institute (PMI) – Global Charter Member and Education Provider
  • The American Council on Education – ACE
  • International Association for Continuing Education and Training – IACET
  • PMLG consultants and instructors are PMP®, ITCPM™ and PPMC™ certified