2 Days – 16 PDUs

Portfolio Management

Strategic portfolio management provides your leadership team with the ability to “see the battlefield” and make accurate and timely decisions in applying the right resources to the projects and programs that provide the most strategic value to the organization.   This is one of the most critical functions of any organization.  Implementing portfolio management involves a holistic approach that ensures that a sound foundation of project and program management is in place to ensure accurate and timely decision support information.  The role of the portfolio management function includes linking all projects and programs to the organization’s strategic goals, establishing and balancing a portfolio of projects and programs, establishing and facilitating governance committee(s),  measuring benefits; establishing portfolio processes and prioritization tools and monitoring and managing business risk.   Topics covered in this exciting workshop include:

  • Overview of Project, Program and Portfolio Management
  • What is Strategic Execution Excellence
  • How to Successfully Implement Portfolio Management
  • Establishing and Managing Strategic Portfolios
  • Establishing and Vision for Portfolio Management
  • Overcoming Barriers to Implementing Strategic Execution Excellence (Project, Program and Portfolio Excellence)
  • Linking Projects and Programs to Strategy
  • Developing Effective Portfolio Prioritization Techniques and Tools
  • Establishing Effective Portfolio Governance Boards
  • Facilitating Portfolio Governance Decision Making
  • Developing and Presenting Effective Portfolio Dashboard Reporting
    • Status Dashboards for Governance Board
    • Heat Maps
    • Bubble Charts
    • Pie Charts and Spider Diagrams
    • Others
  • Establishing and Performing Effective Resource Capacity Planning
  • Measuring Portfolio Value
  • Implementing Stage Gating Governance Approach for Projects and Programs
  • Techniques for Evaluating Projects and Programs for Inclusion in the Portfolio
  • Implementing Effective Techniques for Identifying and Measuring Benefits
  • Portfolio Risk Management
  • Balancing Strategic Portfolios
  • Managing Interfaces and Interdependencies Between Projects, Programs and Other Portfolios
  • Conducting Project and Program Health Checks and Rapidly Maturing Project and Program Management Across the Organization
  • Using the Strategic Breakdown Structure(SBS)™ and the Work Breakdown Structure to Efficiently and Effectively Translate Strategy to Execution During Annual Planning

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The experience of last week has been the greatest experience ever for me and will be etched in my mind forever

Sonya Holder

Project Manager - Bermuda Hospital

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