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ag·ile – able to move quickly and easily

Agile leaders deliver value to their organizations more quickly and successfully than average leaders.  They are able to make timely and accurate decisions that is based on trusted and transparent information.  For over 20 years, we have been developing agile leaders through our unique experiential-based leadership immersion boot camps.  Our training rapidly matures leadership skills, providing students with hands-on learning in realistic and challenging team-based scenarios.  They are provided practical and proven agile tools and techniques for planning, risk management, collaboration and communication.  Agile leaders take an iterative approach to developing product, leading cross functional teams and producing higher quality product faster.   The agile leaders we develop have the skills to rapidly build productive teams.

PMLG’s Agile Academy provides professionals with the leadership skills and Agile experience necessary to successfully apply an agile approach to solution success.  Our experiential-based training immerses students into real world Agile project environments where learning takes place through actual application.  Our training rapidly matures the skills of leaders, providing them with the experience and confidence to successfully apply Agile approaches to projects and programs.

Agile Leadership programs that we provide publicly and onsite include:


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Honestly – this was the first class that I have ever attended where I am leaving with the confidence that I can actually take  these tools and make a difference.

Alicia Gaysek

Delta Air Lines

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