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Cost Management

A project manager’s focus is quite often of the project schedule, with little regard to project cost and budget.  Too often, product is delivered on time but at a great cost in dollars and personnel expenditures.  This course will teach students how to effectively estimate project cost and manage the project budget.  Advanced techniques in earned value will be presented as well as several excellent estimating models.

Subjects covered during this course include:

  • Financial measures for project selection
  • Cutting through the “smoke” of project status reports
  • Establishing cost information gathering processes
  • Variable vs. fixed costs
  • Reporting and analyzing variances
  • Developing effective cost control reports
  • Working with estimates-to-complete
  • Techniques for calculating earned value
  • Bottom up estimating
  • Top down estimating
  • Effective techniques for assigning resources and estimating project cost

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