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Experiential-based Leadership Development

Why Leadership Development is Not Developing Leaders – Deborah Rowland  Harvard Business Review

Make it experiential. Neuroscience shows us that we learn most (and retain that learning as changed behavior) when the emotional circuits within our brain are activated. Visceral, lived experiences best activate these circuits; they prompt us to notice both things in the environment and what’s going on inside ourselves. If leadership development begins in the head, leaders will stay in their heads. We can’t simply think our way out of a habit. But in experience, and novel experience in particular, our intentional mind can be more engaged as we make conscious decisions about our behavior.”  – Deborah Rowland Harvard Business Review

Over 20 years ago, PMLG introduced the world’s first and only experiential-based project management and leadership immersion training program.  This program is proven to rapidly mature leadership skills and provide attendees with the confidence and discipline to begin to immediately apply what they have learned to their own initiatives.  Ask us how we can help you develop a cadre of outstanding leaders and managers within your organization.




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This is the best leadership course I have taken so far.  The training was incredible and worth every penny.  I am so grateful for this opportunity, especially at this juncture of my career.

Jeffrey Isreal

Turner Broadcasting

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