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Experiential-based Leadership Training and Development

Traditional leadership training fails to develop leaders.  Leadership training delivered through a classroom approach does not provide the dynamic, intuitive and collaborative qualities that today’s leaders require. Experiential-based leadership training on the other hand provides the visceral, lived experiences where the emotional circuits of our brains are activated.   When totally immersed into realistic and challenging business scenarios, we gain confidence in practical and proven techniques while also making conscious decisions on our behavior.  For over 25 years, we delivered our transformative experiential-based leadership training programs to our clients globally, helping them rapidly develop outstanding leaders.  Our experiential leadership training programs provide an immediate return on training investment as participants return to work with the confidence and skills to apply what they have learned.

Our training goals:

  • To rapidly develop and enhance the leadership skills of both mature and developing leaders within our client organizations, using a proven set of global skills to address common challenges.
  • Build a cadre of outstanding leaders with realistic experiential knowledge, to provide an immediate return on investment and an ability to develop a core competency for serial success.

We deliver our training in 1 to 5 day experiential workshops that we can rapidly tailor to your needs and environment.  The workshops can be delivered onsite, virtually or in a hybrid format.   Regardless of the means of delivery,  your managers and leaders will experience immediate and significant improvements in their leadership skills and confidence.

Contact us to find out how we can help develop your professional team through one or more the following training programs delivered either in person or virtually:

PMLG’s experiential-based leadership training programs:

  • Strategic Execution Excellence™ Boot Camp (3 – 4 days)
  • Transforming from Manager to  Outstanding  Leader  (3 days)
  • Developing and Leading High Performance Teams  (2 days)
  • Mastering Conflict Management (1 day)
  • Remote Leadership Success (1 day)
  • Successfully Transforming to Strategic Execution Excellence™- Executive Workshop (1 day)
  • Successfully Transforming to Agile Leadership (1 day)
  • Effective Negotiation (1 day)
  • Successful Facilitation, Collaboration and Decision Making (2 days)
  • “Always Being Ahead of the Aircraft” – Risk Management Workshop for Leaders (2 days)
  • The Art of Influencing (1 day)
  • Basics of Emotional Intelligence (1 day)
  • Leading with Emotional Intelligence (1 day)

Create your own experiential leadership development program for your organization.    Ask us about creating a program for you and/or licensing one or more of our experiential programs.

“Escape, immerse and explore.  Identify proven techniques that you will immediately implement when you return home.  Learn valuable lessons about yourself.  It has been several months since I have taken boot camp and it is still the most memorable training I have ever received.”  – Director Merck      




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Knowing the tools is one thing, knowing how to use them is another thing entirely. And to be able to work and perform with so many different personalities and tap into all the wisdom in the training was an extraordinary experience!

Patricia Bens


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