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Fundamentals of Project Management


This exciting one-day experiential-based workshop provides hands-on familiarization with several of the most valuable tools and techniques for successfully leading projects.  Students learn how to rapidly and accurately plan a project using the Project Charter and the Work Breakdown Structure approach to planning.   Topics  include:

  • Overview of Project Management and Leadership
  • Understanding the Value of Project Management Processes
  • Developing the Project Charter
  • Rapidly and Accurately Identifying Scope Using the WBS Approach to Planning
  • Accurately Estimate Using the Work Breakdown Structure Approach
  • Assigning Ownership at the Work Package Level
  • Translating Deliverables into a Project Schedule

To find out more about this training and/or schedule a session at your location, contact us at information@pmlg.com or 678 325 1100.

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I cannot think of any class I have EVER taken that kept my interest and got me involved to the degree yours did.

Judith Erickson


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