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Turnkey PMO and Strategic Execution Office Implementations

Fewer than 10% of all corporations successfully achieve all of their strategic goals.

Moving to strategic execution excellence involves a significant shift in culture and over the past 30 years thousands of PMO initiatives have been unsuccessful.  Implementing PMO’s and Strategic Execution Offices requires a change in culture and culture change requires behavior change.  The primary reason these initiatives continue to fail is because behaviors at all levels of leadership have not changes.   We have been successfully implementing PMOs and Strategic Execution Offices for over 30 years.  We provide  practical and proven project, program and portfolio management processes, templates and rapid knowledge transfer.  Most importantly, we provide hands-on, experiential-based leadership training for executives, managers, project managers and their teams.   It is that training that provides successful organizational change.  Our clients start to see significant benefits within the first 6 months of our implementations.  Benefits have included:

  • Over 60% improvement in project success rates
  • Over 35% reduction in rework costs
  •  Reduction in time to market by over 30%
  • Accurate and timely decision support information is available for effective portfolio decision making

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This is the best investment my company has ever made regarding career development!

David Laiewski

Infrastructure Project Group Manager / Sealed Air Corp

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