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The Program & Portfolio Management Certification (PPMC)® – 40 PDU’s

Are you ready to obtain the tools, knowledge and leadership experience to transform corporations to the highest levels of project, program and portfolio management excellence?

Are you ready to obtain the tools, knowledge and leadership experience to transform corporations to the highest levels of project, program and portfolio management excellence? The Program and Portfolio Management Certification (PPMC)® is an experiential-based training and advanced certification program that will provide you with the skills, tools, experiences and discipline to successfully transform corporations to Strategic Execution Excellence and implement the PMOs and EPMOs that deliver and support the transformation.

Join PMO pioneer and program and portfolio management thought leader Bill Stewart as he provides you with advanced skills, tools, and techniques for successfully initiating and executing programs and portfolios of any size and complexity. You will plan a program to transform your organization to successfully support project, program and portfolio management. You will learn how to link projects and program to strategic initiatives, prioritize them, establish and facilitate governance committees, balance portfolios, monitor interfaces between projects, programs and portfolios, manage resource capacity, develop heat map and establish and manage a stage gating process. You will learn practical and proven techniques for communicating with and managing sponsors, executives and steering committees and as a program manager, develop and lead a team of disciplined and talented project managers. You will leave this training with a comprehensive set of program and portfolio management templates and tools, a portfolio prioritization tool, tips and techniques that you can immediately apply when you return to your organization.

Key topics presented during the PPMC® 5 day training and certification program include:

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The CPM Boot Camp changed my life.  I successfully managed two major strategic projects after attending.

Michael Shaw

Senior Engineer - Wyeth Pharmaceutical

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Over the past 40 years, I have attended a wide array of leadership training courses and MBA programs.  I have found that PMLGs experiential training approach is the most dynamic and transformative of them all.

Kevin Martin


How can we help you?

Contact us at the PMLG office nearest to you or submit a business inquiry online.