Why You Should Take PMP Boot Camp Before the Big Exam

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Do you have your sights set on a PMP certification? It’s definitely a worthwhile goal, as PMP certification can lead to better job opportunities and higher salaries. But if you’re like most people, you’re probably wondering how to best prepare for the big exam. One option is to attend a PMP boot camp. Here we’ll discuss what PMP stands for, who needs PMP certifications, and why you should consider a PMP boot camp before test day.

What Does PMP Stand For?

Interested in the PMP certification but not quite sure what it stands for? “PMP” is an abbreviation for “Project Management Professional” certification. This type of accolade can make your resume really shine and add some skills and confidence to your tool belt, should you pass the exam.

Who Needs PMP Certifications?

Project Management Professional certifications are useful for anyone who—you guessed it—regularly participates in complex projects in the workplace. There is a misconception that project management systems are exclusively used in the software development industry. While many industry-leading software development companies practice project management as a means of delivering timely, quality, client-centric results, there are many other types of industries that can benefit from implementing this kind of ideology as well. PMP certifications can benefit professionals in many different kinds of fields, including:

·      Retail

·      Construction and engineering

·      Any type of business delivering a conceptual or tangible product

·      Medical fields or emergency response

Are PMP Certifications Worth It?

Of course, it’s tough to say if the hours of studying and the cost of the exam are worth it to you—but most people who become PMP certified do not regret it. Becoming PMP certified is an investment in yourself, your career trajectory, your company, and even those you work with—not to mention PMP certified individuals tend to receive up to 25% more pay than their less qualified counterparts for the same role.

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Will PMP Get Me a Job?

At the very least, a PMP certification should get you a pay increase—but it may also open the door for promotions and other career advancements as well. Obtaining a PMP certification is a great way to add to your tool belt and bolster your resume too, should you be looking to change career paths at any point—managing projects and their outcomes is an important aspect of many industries!

Why You Should Participate in PMP Boot Camp Before Test Day

The PMP exam can offer a developing professional many benefits, but it does come at a cost—the PMP exam alone can cost as much as $555, and is known for having a relatively low success rate on the first go. Preparing beforehand through some kind of course or boot camp can be an excellent way to shake those pre-test jitters, confidently sail through the familiar exam material, and grab that certification standing between you and a 25% pay increase. In the following sections, we will detail some of the benefits to PMP boot camp before the day of the exam.

Study a PMI-Approved Curriculum

If you’re interested in a PMP certification, you likely already know that PMI, or Project Management Institute, is the watermark as far as industry-leading project management is concerned. When you study, you’ll want to make sure that you are reviewing material that is current and relevant to the upcoming exam, not some old rhetoric from an outdated competitor. Select your PMP boot camp or preparation course carefully for one offering the most up-to-date study material.

Log Those Study Hours

Statistically speaking, those who pass the PMP exam put in an average of 35 hours of study time—or more. With a PMP boot camp or preparation course, you will be held accountable for your studying and better equipped to take what you’ve learned in the course and apply it when it comes time to actually take the test. This not only increases your confidence and knowledge of the materials, but also statistically raises the likelihood of passing the exam on your first attempt.

Take Practice Tests

A thorough PMP boot camp will offer its students practice tests to take with a wide variety of questions that may be similar to what they will experience on the actual test. Repeated exposure to the likely exam topics will boost your chances of passing and set you up for success. PMP certification, here you come.

Are PMP Boot Camps Worth It?

While only you can judge if a PMP boot camp is worth it, there are certain factors that make some PMP preparation courses better than others. For example, look for a course with free coaching and guidance from PMI-approved instructors, or with a guarantee like PMLG—if you don’t pass the first time, we will re-train you again for your second attempt. Most people agree that preparing for the exam with industry experts is an integral part of their success on test day—so what do you think?

PMP Boot Camp with PMLG

At a first glance, the PMP exam can seem daunting. With dozens of study hours required for success in addition to a hefty exam price, there are plenty of people who don’t even want to put in the effort for this certification. However, for those who do, there are dividends down the road in many forms—from salary increases to networking to inspiring developing leaders to follow suit. If you plan on staying in your field for years to come, it’s not a bad idea to have a PMP certification under your belt.

Are you interested in setting yourself up for success for your next 1-2 attempts at the PMP exam? Contact PMLG today to sign up for our industry-leading PMP boot camp!

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