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Gaining Executive Support for Project Management

I am often asked for tips on how to get executives to support project management and PMO initiatives.  Too often they may say they are supporting the implementation of project management but their actions speak otherwise.  Here are some tips on getting them to buy in and support what is the most important initiative for any organization…implementing a culture of excellence in planning and executing strategic vision.

There is an old saying that “we know why projects fail, so why doesn’t anyone do anything about it?”  Well, in many cases, there just isn’t enough pain to effect the change.  Well, the stars are beginning to align in our favor.  Studies by Fortune and Forbes magazine found that the number one reason that most CEO’s fail is from failure to successfully execute their strategic vision.  Fewer than 10% of all corporations are successful in achieving their strategic goals.

To survive in today’s competitive and fast moving business environment,  corporations must have the tactical infrastructure in place to successfully deliver on strategic initiatives.

So, to get an executive’s attention and long term support of our client’s project, program, portfolio and PMO initiatives, we first identify their vision of the future.   The approach we use is simple.  Meeting with the executive, we ask the following question: If I snapped my fingers right now and project, program and portfolio governance were completely implemented, what would you see and experience that would be different?”  Their answers to this question reflect the pain they are in today and the future they paint becomes the requirements you must meet.  Show them that you can meet those requirements through knowledge-based tools and experiential-based leadership training and you will be on your way to success.

“Lead the Way”

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