Projects cannot be successfully executed in a vacuum.  Projects cross functional and geographic lines as they are planned and executed. Facilitating and communicating across functional lines is a difficult and challenging process. This course provides project managers with the tools and techniques to effectively develop an environment where communications are smooth and meetings are successful and efficient.  This is a team and simulation-based course that will prepare leaders with the skills and confidence to meet the demands of facilitating and communicating across functional line.

Subjects covered during this course include:

  • Developing the communications plan
  • Delivering and managing the communications plan
  • Skills and techniques for effective brainstorming, decision making, innovative thinking
  • Managing effective meetings
  • Identifying and breaking down communications barriers
  • Conflict management
  • Feedback and communications management
  • Successful reporting

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Honestly – this was the first class that I have ever attended where I am leaving with the confidence that I can actually take  these tools and make a difference.

Alicia Gaysek

Delta Air Lines

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