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Virtual PMO Support

The most important and valuable organization concept to be created over the past 30 years has been the Program Office.  This critical services function empowers the leadership team with accurate and timely strategic portfolio information while providing project leaders and their teams with the support to help them successfully execute strategic projects.  For those organizations that do not have a PMO, we can provide virtual support and services.  These services include:

Portfolio Management

Just in Time-Training, Coaching and Mentoring

Process improvement and development

Metrics and dashboard reporting

Project and program health checks

State of the Union (status reports) for governance committees

Program and project managers

Program and project launches

Virtual PMO Benefits

  • Get the experience of a SR. Program Manager at a fraction of the cost. Off-site support will reduce the cost of having an on-site consultant.
  • Use the support as needed. Paying the minimal flat fee will give you the flexibility that you will not have with an on-site consultant.  Why pay for someone to be there when you do not need them full time.
  • Have your schedules built and reviewed by an expert in MSP and Workbench. Years of training and use in both these tools will give you a project schedule that is easily maintainable and can generate the reports needed the custom views supplied with the schedule.
  • Need a coordinator but cannot justify one. With the remote support updates to schedules, status reports or forms can be made without incurring the cost of a full time coordinator.
  • On-line web support to help your PM’s. Using interactive desktop sharing will help analyze remotely your PM’s hot spots. This can be used for schedule review and mentoring.  Methodology review and mentoring as well as meeting management and facilitation.
  • Telephone support is also a call away. Need a quick scribe or facilitator? With the remote support option meeting minutes, risks and issues are quickly documented and distributed to your company within minutes not days.
  • Scheduled on-site visits when necessary will again keep costs down. When needed for facilitation of Planning/Kick-off meetings, WBS development, Risk Planning or lessons learned meetings can be scheduled for on-site visits.
  • Have your methodology or standards developed for you. Wanting to develop or customize your methodology, have it done remotely by a member of the leading PMO implementation consulting firms.

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