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The Certified Project Manager (CPM) and ITCPM Leadership Boot Camp – 56 PDU’s

56 PDUs (24 Technical, 24 Leadership, 4 Strategy)

What Distinguishes Successful Project Leaders from Typical Project Managers? Outstanding Leadership and Project Management Skills and the Confidence and Discipline to Apply Them. 

What is the Only Training and Certification Program Proven to Successfully Produce Outstanding Project Leaders?  The Experiential-based Certified Project Manager (CPM) and ITCPM Leadership Boot Camp. For over 20 years, this program has produced outstanding leaders.

The Certified Project Manager (CPM) Boot Camp™ is the world’s only experiential-based project management and leadership immersion training and certification program.  It is the only training program that is proven to rapidly mature both the project management and leadership skills of its students.  This unique and exciting training program has produced over 16,000 elite leaders.   Exam-based certifications cannot test if the candidate has the skills, confidence and discipline to apply practical and proven tools to ensure the success of projects and programs. The Certified Project Manager (CPM) Boot Camp is a performance-based certification.  To earn their CPM designation, students must successfully demonstrate to our senior instructors that they possess the project management and leadership skills. confidence and discipline   to successfully lead projects of any size and complexity.

During this exciting 5-day program, students are completely immersed in a realistic and challenging team environment in which they apply practical and proven tools and techniques to a real world project.  Through this experiential-based process,  students rapidly develop skills in team building, problem solving,  and conflict management while gaining the discipline to apply the tools and techniques that help ensure project success.   Each student will  have several opportunities to lead their project teams and perform other key roles as they apply what they learn to their team project.  Information Technology students seeking the ITCPM will gain skills in successfully leading information systems projects using Agile and other systems development methodologies.

Boot Camp Topics

  • Leadership & Team Building Techniques
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • The Tree-diagram Approach to Planning and Estimating using the Work Breakdown Structure Approach to Planning
  • Accurate Bottom up Estimating using the WBS Approach to Planning
  • Risk Identification and Management
  • Translating the WBS into a Detailed Project Scheduling
  • Assigning Resources and Estimating
  • Calculating and Managing the Critical Path
  • Crashing and Fast Tracking the Schedule
  • Project Tracking and Re-planning
  • Effective Status Reporting
  • Project Close-out
  • Written ExaminationSimulation Examination
  • Graduations

Who Should Attend?

  • Project and Program Managers
  • PMPs
  • Managers or Project Managers
  • Team Leads
  • Business Analysts
  • Project Sponsors
  • PMO officers and staff
  • Anyone Responsible for Leading Projects and Programs

All-Inclusive Pricing: $5,000 which includes:

  • Tuition
  • Certified Project Manager or IT Certified Project Manager Designation
  • 5 days and 4 nights of lodging, meals and refreshments
  • Comprehensive training guide and set of key processes
  • An electronic copy of practical and proven templates that can be used after the training is completed

Discounts are available for our clients and PMI members.   To find out if you qualify for a discount, or if you want to know more about our onsite CPM Boot Camps, contact Sean Boyle at sboyle@pmlg.com / 678.325.1100.

Qualifications of Certified Project Managers (CPM and ITCPM)

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