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Are you ready to move to the highest level of project, program and portfolio leadership excellence?  Do you want to distinguish yourself as a leader that can successfully transform organizations to a culture of strategic execution excellence?  For over 15 years, we have been providing leaders with the skills, tools, confidence and discipline to successfully lead programs of any size and complexity and to implement and manage strategic portfolios. training and providing advanced certification to project and program managers who wish to rapidly grow and mature their leadership and program management skills.

Join PMO pioneer and program and portfolio management thought leader Bill Stewart as he instructs, coaches and provides your valuable insight intohow to successfully lead complex programs and establish and manage strategic portfolios. No other program will better prepare you for the advanced leadership requirements of program and portfolio management.  Attend one of our upcoming public PPMC certification programs and become recognized as a leader with the skill and experience to successfully lead programs and portfolios of any size and complexity.

Join PMO pioneer and program and portfolio management thought leader Bill Stewart as he provides you with advanced skills, tools, and techniques for successfully initiating and executing programs and portfolios of any size and complexity. You will create a program to successfully transform your organization strategic execution excellence.  You will learn how to link projects and program to strategic initiatives, prioritize them, establish and facilitate governance committees, balance portfolios, monitor interfaces between projects, programs and portfolios, manage resource capacity, develop heat map and establish and manage a stage gating process. You will learn practical and proven techniques for communicating with and managing sponsors, executives and steering committees and as a program manager, develop and lead a team of disciplined and talented project managers. You will leave this training with a comprehensive set of program and portfolio management templates and tools, a portfolio prioritization tool, tips and techniques that you can immediately apply when you return to your organization.

Key topics presented during the PPMC® 5 day training and certification program include:

  • Conducting successful business transformations to project, program and portfolio management excellence
  • Successfully implementing PMOs that transform corporations to a culture of strategic execution excellence
  • Identifying and linking projects and programs to strategic initiatives
  • Developing, measuring and balancing strategic portfolios
  • Implementing and using project and program prioritization
  • Implementing and using effective resource capacity planning
  • Implementing and using stage gating
  • Balancing portfolios
  • Conducting effective benefits realization measurement
  • Developing the program work breakdown structure and conducting bottom up estimating
  • Developing and leading project managers
  • Conducting quantitative and qualitative risk management
  • Developing and using effective dashboard reporting
  • Identifying projects in trouble and techniques for recovery
  • Developing and facilitating governance committees
  • Using the WBS approach to planning programs and projects
  • Creating an easy to use lessons learned repository by capturing and reusing project and program history
  • Client Relationship management
  • Managing vendors and contractors
  • Identifying and managing program interfaces and interdependencies
  • Developing integrated program schedules

Don’t miss this opportunity to spend five days with the architect of the PMO concept and a thought leader in project, program and portfolio management. Contact Sean Boyle at or 678 325 1100 with any questions you might have and/or to ask about Corporate and PMI discounts.

“I found your teachings and insight invaluable. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences. From top to bottom, a great trip and well worth the time and investment.”

Paul S. Kandel PPMC
Strategic IT Project Management Lead

“Thank you for everything – sharing your knowledge about project and portfolio management… showing you genuinely care about people and assuring they learn the skills for success. I greatly enjoyed the program and hearing the examples of your vast experience.”

Belinda Smith, PMP, PPMC, LBC | Senior Manager
Aflac Worldwide Headquarters

“Thank you so much for the training. I learned a lot and am going to be heavily using it immediately.”

Sharon Sefcik Carroll, PPMC, CPCU | Director Governance


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Great learning experience…the best I’ve had at Wyeth

Joanne Jackman

Project Manager - Wyeth Pharmaceuticals

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