Successful Risk Management – Virtual Leadership Workshop

A Strategic Execution Excellence Virtual Leadership Workshop

4 PDUs

Failure to successfully identify and properly assess and manage project and program risk is a primary cause of  project failure.  As leaders, we are responsible for ensuring that risks are effectively identified, scored, prioritized and managed. But, too often risk assessment workshops are poorly facilitated and frustrating for participants.  Too much time can be spent on the one or two risks initially identified and other risks, many of which are more important, do not get identified before the session is over.   There is a high “risk” that participants will not want to attend another risk assessment session that you facilitate.

This exciting and interactive virtual workshop will provide you with the skills, experience and confidence to effectively and efficiently facilitate risk identification sessions that keep team members engaged and excited.  You will learn how to quickly identify and score all risk events, plot and prioritize those risks and facilitate a successful risk response workshop.  During this interactive workshop, we will provide you with a  practical and proven approach to risk identification and scoring approach that we have applied successfully across hundreds of projects and programs.

At the completion of this workshop, you will be able to:

  • Define and tailor your risk management plan
  • Determine the best method to use for risk identification
  • Facilitate both a face-to-face and virtual risk identification session
  • Lead a team in qualitative risk assessment and scoring
  • Plot and prioritize risks
  • Prioritize and communicate project and program risk via the use of an Isobar Chart
  • Assign response ownership
  • Modify risk response applications and direct team members in their use
  • Utilize contingency and management reserves
  • Discuss high priority risks and response plans with key stakeholders
  • Efficiently and effectively monitor risks and risk triggers throughout the project
  • Capture potential risks and action plans by reviewing issues logs from previous projects

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