Onsite Leadership Training

The Certified Project Manager (CPM & ITCPM) Boot Camp™ Program
| 56 PDUs
This experiential based project management and leadership immersion program is the most effective project management certification program available anywhere. Graduates leave with skills, tools and techniques they can immediately apply to their projects and programs.
The Program & Portfolio Management Certification (PPMC) ™
| 40 PDUs
This advanced certification program provides program and portfolio managers with the tools, experiences and techniques to manage programs and portfolios of all sizes and complexity. It can be used to prepare for taking the PgMP examination as well.
Project Management for Success™
| 24 PDUs
This comprehensive three-day project management workshop provides project managers with the skills, knowledge and tools to be successful. This intensive, hands-on seminar offers sound techniques for planning, estimating, tracking and controlling projects. Attendees participate in realistic simulations that enhance their skills.
Advanced Project Management™
| 16 PDUs
This is a demanding, intense two-day course that combines all nine of the PMI Knowledge Areas into realistic simulations. Students will apply techniques in team and individual situations throughout the workshop. Emphasis will be placed on planning and advanced techniques in scheduling, tracking and cost control.
Executive Project Management Workshops™
| 4-8 PDUs
A key factor in successfully moving to a culture of disciplined planning and execution is the visible and consistent support of leadership at all levels across the organization. This workshop provides executives and managers with the tools, knowledge and techniques for ensuring that their project and program managers are disciplined and effective as they lead their projects and programs.
The WBS Approach to Effective Project Planning™
| 8 PDUs
For over 20 years we have been teaching project and program managers the correct method for rapidly and accurately planning their projects using the WBS approach. This exciting hands-on one-day workshop will provide your leaders with the skills to apply the WBS approach for identifying for rapidly identifying project scope and size and to facilitate teams in planning projects and programs.
WBS and Project Charter Workshop™
| 16 PDUs
This exciting and informative two-day workshop will provide your leaders with the skills to rapidly and accurately translate strategy into project plans and then utilize the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) approach to successful planning to ensure that deliverables are not overlooked and that team members take ownership of their deliverables and develop their plans to ensure successful execution.
Project Management Fundamentals™
| 8 PDUs
Students will learn key fundamentals for successfully initiating, planning and executing their projects. They will be provided practical and proven tools that they will be able to apply to realistic and challenging projects. Students will leave the training with the capability to develop the project charter and identify scope utilizing the WBS approach to planning.
Assessing and Managing Project Risk™
| 8 PDUs
This course was designed to teach students effective techniques for measuring and assessing risks, planning to mitigate those risks and managing risk throughout the life cycle of their projects. Emphasis is placed on conducting formal risk assessments with the entire project team. From identifying risk attributes to developing risk management plans, students will learn how to take the risk out of their projects before they become problems.
Leadership and Team Building™
| 8 PDUs
This course focuses on developing the leadership skills necessary to successfully manage complex projects and teams. Throughout the workshop, participants are provided the opportunity to lead teams through challenging scenarios. They leave the course with the ability to immediately put to work leadership techniques that will help make them successful.
Estimating and Cost Management™
| 16 PDUs
Learn to effectively estimate project costs and manage your project budgets. Advanced techniques in earned value will be presented as well as several excellent estimating models. Learn how to control project costs while still producing products or services on time.
Managing Projects with Microsoft Project™
| 16 PDUs
In a dynamic hands-on environment, students will be taught how to effectively plan, track and communicate and control projects with the MS Project 2002/2003 Professional.
Advanced Microsoft Project™
| 16 PDUs
This course teaches the student advanced skills in managing, analyzing, organizing, and reporting project schedules developed in Microsoft Project. Some of the topics covered include Earned Value Analysis in MS Project, master project schedules, utilizing resource pools, and managing inter-project dependencies, advanced tracking and re-planning techniques, and creating custom reports to facilitate more effective decision making.
Facilitation and Communication™
| 8 PDUs
Learn to effectively develop an environment where communications are smooth and meetings are successful and efficient. This is a team and simulation-based course that will prepare the students to meet the demands of facilitating and communicating across functional lines.
Effective Negotiation Skills™
| 8 PDUs
Learn the proper skills and techniques that a project manager needs to negotiate with team members, sponsors, steering committees, vendors and clients.
Conflict Resolution™
| 8 PDUs
Conflict is inevitable. Everyone has their own perceptions and perspectives on the world around them. The ability to effectively manage conflict is one of the most important skills you must possess to be an effective leader. This workshop will provide you with the techniques to effectively respond and resolve conflict.
Technical Requirements Management Boot Camp™
| 32 PDUs
Accurate identification of requirements and scope is critical to the success of any project. Too often requirements are missed, adversely impacting schedule, cost and most importantly, the quality of the deliverable. For IT-based projects, they must be translated into technical / infrastructure requirements that determine the logical and physical design of the system. At the end of this intensive 4-day course, students will understand technical design considerations within the context of the business requirements.
Contract and Vendor Management™
| 8 PDUs
Without question, vendors and contractors are important members of project teams. In fact, project success is quite often tied directly to the timely production of their deliverables/solutions. Yet, one of the greatest risks to any project is the introduction of vendors and contractors. Managing these important resources is critical. This course is provides the tools and techniques necessary to assist students in selecting, contracting and controlling their vendors and contractors.
The Art of Influencing™
| 8 PDUs
Today’s work environment demands great interdependence among people in order to be successful. By understanding your own work style and the work styles of others, you empower yourself with the ability to effectively communicate, influence and motivate.
Project Management for Six Sigma Professionals™
| 24 PDUs
This comprehensive three-day project management workshop is an intensive, hands-on course providing Six Sigma project managers and leads with the skills, knowledge and tools to be successful. This workshop provides sound techniques for planning, estimating, tracking and controlling Lean Six Sigma projects. Throughout the course, attendees participate in realistic Six Sigma project simulations that enhance their skills.
Quality Management™
| 8 PDUs
Effective Quality Management is vital to the success of any project. This one day class will teach the students about the essentials of quality management and how project success is directly tied to having an effective quality management plan. Students will learn proven tools and techniques to develop a quality management plan. They will learn how to determine the cost of quality and methods for ensuring quality is built into their plans.
Requirements Management™
| 16 PDUs
Project managers must be skilled in quickly identifying the requirement for a solution as well as have the experience and tools to manage scope change. This course will prepare students to conduct effective requirements planning sessions and to be able to control scope and configuration changes throughout the lifecycle of the project.
PMO Workshop
| 24 PDUs
Led by Bill Stewart, Program Office pioneer and thought leader, this hands on workshop will provide you with the tools, skills, techniques and knowledge to rapidly have your PMO up and running effectively and or take it to the next level of PMO maturity. Class size is limited to ensure that you will have plenty of one on one support from Bill.